Technical Notes 

1.   WARNING:  CT Value Errors

The current and past versions of the MOE's PROCEDURE FOR DISINFECTION OF DRINKING WATER have errors in the CT value tables. ETI notified MOE January 2001 of the errors and MOE twice reported they had corrected the detected mistakes. However, there remain errors in the present CT value tables.

In the past the errors were a truncation of the last digit for a CT Value.  The error was found in all copies of the .pdf document downloaded from the MOE's website from Aug 2000 to Jan 12, 2001. The flawed document is identified as August 2000, PIBS#4065e.

As at June 4 2006, (second revision) the current .pdf file is available from MOE at the link below, but it too remains flawed and has been since completion of the January 2001, April 16,2003 and June 1,2003 revisions. MOE has yet to find the flaw.

As at December 2015, MOE has never corrected the error. ETI students have known about the error since August 2000.


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